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Are you experiencing a pest problem in or around your home?


In the Antelope Valley, homeowners are likely to experience unwanted pests at some time during the year. Each season brings its own pest control challenge. Rain, drought conditions, deviation from normal temperature, standing water, earth-to-wood contact and locations where landscaping touches your home are a few of the many conditions that invite pests inside. Here at Swanson Pest Solutions, our team of pest control professionals are here to help you get rid of ants, bees, mice and other pests no matter what the season!

Our business is protecting your business from pests


Swanson Pest Solutions understands the pest pressures faced by businesses in our region. That’s why we offer pest control solutions that protect your people, product, facility and reputation. Backed by more than 30 years of industry experience, we are ready to take on your company’s pest problems. And of course, because our commercial pest control services are ongoing, you can count on us to prevent insects and rodents from returning.



Our job is to bring you peace of mind. To do that We find the solution to all of your pest problems and create the best plan of action to put your worries to rest.



Since 1988 Carl has taken care of the pest control needs in the Antelope Valley and Surrounding areas. Swanson Pest Solutions brings new innovation to the industry by combining many years of experience and knowledge as well as a new energy and vision.



• Residential

• Commercial

• Industrial

• One time Treatments available

• Maintenance control options-

Monthly, Bi-Monthly, and Quarterly




The Antelope Valley and surrounding areas provide unique Pest Problems to our clients. We have been The A.V.'s Pest Solution since 1988, providing home and business pest control services at an affordable rate since the start. Having a Pest Control Company that has the knowledge and skills from years of successful treatment in your area is important.



You get home after a long day out of the house and all you want to do is kick off your shoes and RELAX. But wait, was that a mouse, or a cockroach? Did you notice the sound of swarming bees coming from your trees and eves? Then there are the ants invading your cabinets for there free snack. Ok, this may be an extreme situation, but it is one that we've seen.


We understand the stress of dealing with all of these pest issues. That is why we are here to give you Peace of Mind. We will work to eradicate your pest problems and keep your home pest free all year long. Living in Southern California and especially in the desert environment of the Antelope Valley, we get a lot of pest roaming around all year long. This is why we provide a year around service and inspection plan to keep your home secure.


You just chased down a mouse for the 3rd time in the last week, just to lose him again. You've set traps, put out the best buffet the Internet has recommended, and yet that little pest has avoided you every step of the way. You have done all of the research and everyone you know has given you tips on how they did it, But nothing's working.


We understand the frustration and stress this can cause. This is why we are here as your partner and friends in the battle against home pest. We will recommend and provide solutions to fight these home invaders, whether its inside or out of the house. Our Client Education Commitment means we give you all of the info you want to know on how to defeat these troubling house guest. Just ask and we will be happy to help. As they say in sports, "The best DEFENSE is a good OFFENSE", so keeping a good pest control maintenance plan all year long will prevent the pest from coming back at winters end.


The solution to all of your pest control needs is just a click or a call away. Let us know how we can help bring you peace of mind.


We Exterminate

• Ants

• Roaches

• Waterbugs

• Spiders

• Blackwidows

• Bees

• Wasp

• Yellowjackets

• Earwigs

• Crickets

• Silverfish

• Rodents

• Springtails

• Ticks

• Fleas & More!

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